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           George H Howlett Sr. Family about 1926

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Greetings to my Family, Relatives, Friends, Acquaintances, Genealogists and Surfers 

This site has been created by Skip Howlett to provide a central base for the gathering of family history and to promote family togetherness.  I also want to say hello to all my friends and acquaintances that I have met through the years. Please visit my guest book and say hello.

I have been researching my fathers side of the family.  The reason for this is, that much data had already been collected on the family by him.  After he died I took his work that was piled in a box in the attic.  A few years went by an I took  it upon myself to continue his work.   From there, I expanded on it and built the the current the current web site and a detailed data base.

In the past Six years of doing genealogical research.  The Internet has played an important part in my effort.  Having the Web, makes it an ideal place for family and possibly unknown relatives or long lost friends to make contact.  Hopefully, all will enjoy.  If you have any updates, or know of any of the family that would be interested in helping, or if you know of any family members that do not have internet access, please let me know. 

If there is one true saying it is the one that you can choose your friends but you can not choose your relatives. I am a very family orientated person, my parents and their parents were extremely important to me. I know a lot of people feel that their lives have meaning because of their families and relatives. I think knowing that there is a unit somewhere in the world that you belong to makes you feel less isolated in this massive crazy world. I also know that one can feel like a complete alien among those who you call your family. I think the politics of family and relations are very complex but that we learn a lot of life survival skills in those complex environments. Sometimes friends can become like family to you and I feel that these ‘families’ are no less real than one’s blood relations. Whether it is the family you were born into or the one you have adopted through friendships. Keeping in touch is what keeps them alive!

Many People have contributed to this ongoing effort.  Some I have not met. Through their labors, I have collected much information on our various family lines.  I know as time passes I will likely cross the paths of other relatives in search of our roots.  Even if we find we are not related, new friendships are formed.

Thank you for your contributions;  Etta Jean Hudgins, Wayne Walker, Beth Duley, Jackie Murrell, Rick Sullivan and especially my Dad.  Moyra Holgate!, you have broken the road block that has had me stopped for five years researching my HOWLETT ancestors.  Thank you so much. 

If you have any additions or notice any errors, or things needing to be updated, please let me know,  or if anyone is interested in helping in the search, please E-mail me. 

Please note that most of the photos are thumbnails.  If you click on them they will enlarge. 


Skip Howlett

The Villages, Florida  


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