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Family Military

World War One

Arthur Howlett -  He served in the American Expeditionary Force Europe and was wounded in action by mustard gas.

Robert Howlett -  Private, 13th Bn, Royal Fusiliers who was killed in action on Friday 11, August 1916 at age 21.

World War Two

George H Howlett Jr.  served in the US Navy from 1940 until late 1945 and served in the Pacific Campaign aboard the USS Wharton (AP-7). 

Warren W. Howlett  served with the US Army Air Force in England.  He served in Photo Reconnaissance.

Walter A. Howlett served in the US Navy in the Pacific Campaign as a  member of the Sea Bee's

Post World War Two

Richard D. Howlett served in the US Navy Reserve.

Viet Nam and Cold War

George H Howlett III  served in the US Navy from 1969 through 1974 serving in the Pacific Submarine force aboard the USS Plunger (SSN-595).

Donald A. Howlett served in the US Navy in Viet Nam and Japan as a  Carpenters Mate in the Sea Bee's.

Present Day War on Terror

Scott W. Howlett Served in the US Army Reserve, attached to the 344th and 94th Military Police Company's.  He saw service in; Guatemala as part of Operation New Horizons, Bosnia as part of NATO's multi-national stabilization force supporting Operation Just Cause and in Operation Enduring Freedom.