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The Howlett Family History

This site has been put together to promote family history research for the Howlett family of Malden Massachusetts.

The current research has taken me back to Watton Wayland, Norfolk, England.  This is where GGgrandfather Robert Howlett, son of Mathew Howlett was born.  Historical documents show that he was born in 1818 and lived in Watton until  he married on or about 1851 to Mary Ann Juby.  They moved to Wattlefield , Wymondham,   Robert, Ggrandfather Howlett being the oldest of three brothers Henry (Harry) and Arthur and one sister Alice.   

Robert born 1852, left home in 1871 via the White Star Liner the SS Atlantic. On April 1, 1871 on its 19th voyage, the ship floundered in a storm off Marr's Head, Prospect Bay, Near Halifax Nova Scotia. Hitting a shoal, the ship sank drowning 562 of 952 passengers and crew. Robert being 21 years old, must have used his youth to survive the ordeal. It appears from what is known from this sinking, that many survivors owe their lives to the people of Prospect Bay.

After recovering from his ordeal with the SS Atlantic, Robert made his way to Malden, Massachusetts. Working as a mason, he purchased a large parcel of property on Central Avenue. This area, was on a hill and was also known as Linden Highlands . Here is where he built his home.  He soon married Rebecca Walker and raised  a family of seven children.   The house that he built at 106 Central Avenue still stands today.

His son George Sr. bought property from his father at 112 Central Avenue. He too, built his home, as he called it " the farm" at 112 Central Avenue.  Like his father, soon after, George a.k.a. Jack, married Minnie Lavinia Hudgins of Kingston , Nova Scotia. They  too, settled and raised their family of eight children on the the hill. 

This brings me to my father George Jr.  He was George and Minnie's oldest son.  He also built his home on the hill at 110 Central Avenue. This is where I, George III, grew up. 

Both George Sr. and Jr. lived their whole lives here.  Until  the death of Minnie in 1992 four generations of Howlett's were living on the hill  at one time.  Sad to say, just recently my Mom was moved from the hill to assisted living in Rhode Island near my sister, the last Howlett is now gone from the hill.

This brings us to how we became the Howlett's from Malden, Massachusetts.  

The family, over the past 30 years, has spread clear across the country.  We now have the Howlett line living from Maine to California, Florida to British Columbia,  Illinois and even Idaho, really Idaho.  Who would have guessed?  There is however, still a strong contingent remaining  here in New England.       

The following links will take you to some family history information and photos pages. These pages will be continually under construction as research in the various family lines continues to be collected and corrected.

Other family names being researched are; Howlett, Walker, Hudgins, Wheelock, in addition JUBY, HORNER and BEALS. 

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Mary Ann (Juby) Howlett                  Robert Howlett                          George H Howlett Sr.
 Wattlefield Wymondham, Norfolk, England       Date Estimate around 1920                     Date Estimated around 1905