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This was what Grandpa called, when he was young, "The Farm".  Located up on Central Avenue on the Linden Highlands of Malden Massachusetts.  I felt, that because there are no more Howlett's living on the hill, there is no reason for anyone to visit anymore. Therefore many family members might enjoy a photo visit down memory lane.  For those who don't know, it is all gone,  replaced by fifteen or so, new homes.  Just click on the thumbnails and enjoy those childhood memories; of chatting on the front porch with a glass of grandma's lemonade, or seeing Grandma picking her flowers, or us kids picking blueberries out the woods, and last, we'll never forget the wonderful huge family picnics in the old tennis court.    

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1)  View looking from head of driveway of 112 Central Ave, the home built by G. H. Howlett Sr.

2) View looking from front yard of 110 Central Ave (My parents house)

3) Another view from the driveway panning right

4) Another view from the driveway panning right

5) Another view from the driveway panning right

6) View from garage area to rear and east side of house

7) Looking at rear of house

8) View of garage from NE corner of house

9) Looking from old tennis court to ledge with old fireplace, to which many lobsters, steamers, corn on the cob and of course hamburgers and hot dogs were cooked for the large family cookouts,  

10) A view of the old hen house and garden area

11) View of the drive way to the east side of the house

12) The big oak tree behind the garage with the airplane rock1 just to its left

13) Looking back towards the house from near the big oak

14) Looking towards Revere, Ma.  from the airplane rock

15) Looking from above Doherty's pasture towards Revere and Nahant

16) Looking out past Revere out into Boston Harbor with Graves light in center and Nantasket to right

17/18) Two views of the Boston skyline (it has changed somewhat)

19/20) Grandma's flowers, she had a green thumb

I will say, "it was a wonderful place for me to have grown up in."

1Airplane rock  - Revere had an airport, pre 1960, to which the planes when they took off used that piece of ledge for navigating as an outer marker, hence it became the airplane rock.