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Skip's Family History

My name is George Herbert Howlett 3rd a.k.a. Skip. I have been around now for  fifty Seven years.  Over this time I have done many things and have been many places. It all started with my schooling.  I completed a public education in the Malden, Massachusetts Public Schools system, where I graduated in 1965.  I then went on to Wentworth Institute of Technology where I received my degree Aeronautical Engineering. This was 1969, the war in Viet Nam was at its peak.  The draft was grabbing up 100,000 men per month. Needless to say I  immediately received my draft notice.  Because I loved flying, I enlisted in the Navy to fly.  While in training, a typical  military decision was made by the top brass, and I ended up in the submarine service operating a reactor.  This had a profound effect on my life.   

My work experience started as a youth first delivery papers. My next job was working with my Dad doing carpenter work. I didn't want to be a carpenter so  I move on to bigger and better jobs.  This amounted to collecting garbage, working an assembly line, selling women's lingerie and everything under the sun at Sears. Upon receiving an education, I embarked on the things I loved; repairing commercial jet aircraft, and then in Navy to be sent from a flight training program to the submarine service diving to the depths of the Pacific ocean on a nuclear submarine. I feel that the submarine service was the greatest thing I ever did in my life, however, it was so harrowing at times, if I had the chance to do it again, I would pass on it. All these wonderful jobs and experiences shaped my personality.  This has raised questions with some of my friends, they think I made one to many dives on the submarine. 

I am now retired living in Florida playing golf.  Having lived in Ivoryton, Connecticut for 20 years this is a big change.  My former place of work, was at the Millstone Nuclear Power Station in Waterford, Connecticut.  Having been my place of employment for 27 years.  During that time I had worked as a plant operator, reactor engineer and for the last 17 years, in worked in management, in the planning and scheduling of plant outages.  I worked mainly with computers, designing software and analyzing data and directing management.  These work efforts resulted in making the online and outage work go smoothly, safely and efficiently.  

Utilizing my computer skills at work, has lead me to become much more involved in home computing.  I have found that I get a lot brain exercise working with all my various home computer projects.  My friends use me as there go to guy for all there computer problems.  I'm just a Geek at heart.    

Marie my wife of 31 years, married me while I was still in the Navy.  We were married in an eight minute ceremony in Reno Nevada at the Washoe County Court House.  This was on 22 June of 1974, we eloped!  Upon getting out of the Navy we moved back to Massachusetts. On the way back home we spent 28 days driving across country.  

 I quickly found work at Millstone, and soon after bought our first home in Niantic, Connecticut.  Our first son Scott Winfield was born 1978.   Our second born, Geoffrey Ian, came along in 1983 in the middle of a big snow storm. Both boys are now 6 feet 8 inches or better, tall. 

Scott Winfield, graduated from Valley Regional High School 1997.  He enlisted in the Army Reserve during his junior year in high school.  Summer vacation was spent a Fort McClelland Alabama at boot camp. His high school graduation night was spent getting ready to leave at 4:00 am the next morning for Alabama again.  He is now attached to the 344th Military Police Company in New Haven Connecticut.  He has spent time in Canada training with NATO forces,  went to Guatemala for a time as part of Operation New Horizons.  He then spent 8 months with the 94th MP Company at Eagle Base Tuzla Bosnia on Operation Joint Forge.  A year later  attached with the 344th he deployed to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba where he took part in Operation Enduring Freedom.  Meanwhile when not in the army he has been attending school at Eastern Connecticut State University finishing criminal justice courses. 

Geoffrey Ian, "the big guy",  he was both an offensive and defensive lineman on the high school football team. Amazingly made the honor roll.  He graduated from Valley Regional High School.  He graduated from the Center for Culinary Arts in Cromwell Connecticut, pursuing a career as a chef.  He was also the lead singer of the now de-funked fledgling punk rock band named the Face of Aggression.          

Our current house is a typical one story Florida home with a hipped roof in a gated community on the golf course.  It is landscaped with a variety of palms and other flora indigenous to this local.  A major change from living in the colonial landscape of New England.  There is only one problem, the weather is always good, I never get to rest, GOLF, GOLF, GOLF!!!   

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