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Howlett Family Photo's 

rhow5.jpg (51887 bytes) Robert Howlett  abt. 1930


                         Photo0001.jpg (47712 bytes) 

L to R  Front Walter and Richard  Top Ruth, twins Edie  and Edna, Warren and George Jr. on  the steps of Robert and Rebecca's house at 106 Central Avenue. 


GHowSrFam2.jpg (102746 bytes) George Sr. and Minnie with the first five children abt. 1925/26


ghowsr1.jpg (149589 bytes) George Sr. my guess age 40 


George Sr his whole family abt 1939/40 


RHow20008.jpg (37570 bytes) Robert, Minnie the twins and I don't no who?  


ghowsr&r.jpg (33235 bytes)Minnie (my grandma) George Sr, (grandpa, a.k.a. Jack)  Robert (Ggrandpa) and the kids George Jr (a.k.a. Buck) Warren, Ruth and the Twins Edie and Edna abt. 1925. 





I don't no who? Minnie, Robert with Warren and George Jr. abt. 1921



The history of the Ancient Order of Foresters 


The true origins of the Society are lost in the mists of time, although the first known dated reference is to a gathering of Royal Foresters at Knaresborough in Yorkshire on 29th October 1745.

The Society in its present form was established in 1834 as a means for members to band together to help one another in times of hardship, sickness and bereavement as they made their way through the "forest of Life".

As the good work of the Foresters developed, particularly through Victorian times, branches were established across the country. These were - and still are - known as "courts", modeled on the meetings of ancient foresters.

Whilst the twentieth century has brought about many changes to our lifestyles, the values and traditions of the Foresters have remained the same. Our primary role is to provide security and peace of mind to members through an extensive range of insurance and savings plans. However, the Foresters is much more than an insurance society.

Members can also enjoy the benefits of the social, benevolent and fraternal aspects of Forestry. Additionally, as the test of time has proved, the friendships made and the sense of belonging to a great family of Foresters have kept alive the original constitution since 1834.

Today, the Foresters Friendly Society has a worldwide membership of many thousands with assets exceeding 100 million.

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